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This document presents the complete (proposed) master plan of Farooqia Islamic University. The plan incorporates all those educational, social and utility projects which are essential for a modern educational complex. 

Jamia Farooqia is a renowned University of Islamic learning and busy to impart Islamic education since 1967. Being a well known institution for Islamic learning in all over the world up till now thousands of people have been acquiring Islamic education from with in and outside the country, after acquiring education in Jamia people are establishing their prestige in the fields of education, Teaching and journalism today. And these services are not only in the field of education but the medical centre, computer literacy and managements of food, scholarship, accommodation and treatment for the students are also the parts of Jamia's social services. Three thousand students are enrolled in Jamia and their educational Degrees are credible in all over the world. Here in Jamia magazines of highly standard in four languages (Urdu, Arabic, English are Sindhi) are being published. In future to render these services in high level Jamia is presenting the project of Farooqia Islamic University, in order to use its approaches and experience for the future enlightenment and educational progress of the country.

Allah has granted uncountable abilities to Hadhrat Shiekhul Hadeeth Mualana Salimullah Khan Sahib. He is the Rector of Jamia Farooqia and also holds the position of the President of the vast network of Islamic universities and religious Madaris (Wifaqul Madaris Al Arabia Pakistan) since long. And he has performed a historical work in the reformation of madaris. Taking pride in the guidance of Hadhrat Shiekhul Hadeeth Jamia hopes that this future plan under the supervision of Hadhrat Shiekhul Hadeeth would be a reason of benefits for the whole country.

Although in view of contraction, many important and needful objectives have not been mentioned in detail, but it is obvious, that no sagacious person can deny their gravity. Hence this future plan of Farooqia will be a rarity for Pakistan, particularly the backward and outlying areas of Karachi, such as the area of this project, where is a domination of ignorance and poverty. Disappointed youth resort to commit different types of crimes and also use so many abominable means to cut their lives. This results in destruction of young generation. Due to its limited sources the City Government is unable to solve these problems. 

In above mentioned situations it is unavoidable for those institutions with certain fame for their best policy and experience, come ahead, utilize their approaches for the well being of ailing humanity. Farooqia is ready to use its man power and approaches for this grand purpose, and considers it a title of honour to supply these services. May Allah grant us ability and accept our efforts. (Ameen)

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Farooqia is a renowned University for Islamic Studies in Karachi. At present, around 3000 students from within Pakistan are enrolled in various faculties of Islamic learning. Jamia awards following Certificates and Degrees:

     Certificate of Hifz-e-Quraan.

     Certificate of Thaanawiyyah 'Aammah (Equivalent to Metric)

     Certificate of Thaanawiyyah Khaassah (Equivalent to Intermediate)

     Degree of 'Aaliyah (Equivalent to B.A)

     Degree of 'Aalimiyyah (Equivalent to M.A.)

     Degree in Specializations (Equivalent to PhD.)

At the end of each academic level, the students of Jamia appear in the examination conducted by Wifaqul Madaaris al Arabiyah (Board of Religious Educational Institutions of Pakistan) formally recognized by the Government of Pakistan through University Grants Commission, Ministry of Education.

A matter of prime significance, here at Jamia, is the special focus of teachers and the Rector on "tarbiyah" of the students keeping in view the complex trends of modern day society.

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Masjid (Mosque) is the essential part of any institution. After reaching Madinah Rasoolullah (SallAllaho alaihe wa sallam) constructed Majid, and considered the whole world as Masjid. This is why considering the Masjid as the centre of virtues we are commencing this grand project with the construction of Masjid. At our place besides Salaah Masjid is used for many other important and essential purposes also, such as congregation place and examination hall. After construction this central Majid (Mosque) of Jamia would be a parable in Karachi.

    Central Jamia Masjid for 5000 persons along with toilets, store and ablution (Wudhu) place.

      Small Mosque for Farooqia Medical Hospital for 200 persons along with all the facilities.

      Small Mosque at the residential block of teaching staff, for 500 persons along with all facilities.

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The organization of administration is very compulsory to regulate any system. That's why this separate building of Administration is an important part of our plan for Administrative offices and meeting rooms etc.

    10 large size rooms for central offices of the University, along with all the facilities.
    10 rooms for office staff along with all the facilities.
    5 rooms for finance department with all the facilities.
    5 meeting/council rooms of different sizes.
    An auditorium/seminar hall for 5000 person with the facility of translation in different languages.

(This building should be located near the Central Mosque, Department of Islamic Education, Central Library and Darul Hadeeth.)

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In view of the significance and dignity which Allah has bestowed upon Pakistan in the Islamic World, the provision of Higher Islamic education in this country has become imperative to preserve this unique identity.

At present, the prevalent negative concepts regarding Islamic education in the world demand that those Islamic institutions with certain fame in the world impart even better and more refined education which should reflect Islam and Pakistan in the true sense.

Therefore Farooqia has thought over a policy of making the highly effective education available to all seekers in future for which the curriculum is being designed comprising the subjects such as economics, banking, insurance and history etc.

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Taking the objectives into its consideration Jamia has considered the education of Quraan, Hadith and Fiqah as fundamental elements. And the curriculum of Jamia is very unique, because through this one can get enough proficiency in very short time. Then in objectives the preparation of sincere ulema is included that is why the curriculum is designed in such a way that there would be no deficiency in students of Jamia in the faculties of training and practice in addition to sincerely and contentment.

    Quraanic Science (Uloom ul Quran)
    Science related to Tradition i.e. Hadeeth (Uloom ul Hadeeth)
    Phraseology of Hadeeth (Mustalih al Hadeeth)
    Science of Jurisprudence of Islam (Uloom ul Fiqh il Islami)
    Science of Principles about the Jurisprudence of Islam (Uloom ul Usool ul Fiqh) 
    Science of Faith about Hidden Facts (Uloom ul Kalaarn) 
    Science related to the Pious Life and Character of Prophet (SallAllahu alaihi wasallam) (Uloom ul Seerat un Nabawiyyah)
    Islamic History (Uloom ul Tareekh ul Islam)
    Arabic Literature (Uloom ul Adab il Arabi) 
    Science of Etymology and Syntax (Uloom ul Nahw was Sarf)
    Science of Meaning and Rhetoric (Uloom ul Ma'aani wal Balaaghah)
    Comparative Study of Religions and Sects (Uloom ul Maqarinat ul Adiyaan wal Firaq)
    Arithmetic (Ilm ul Hisaab)
    Economics (Uloom ul Ma'aashiyaat)
    Political Science (Uloom us Siyaasiyaat), etc.

The syllabus is approved by the Executive Committee of the Board of Religious Educational Institutions (Wifaq ul Madaaris al Arabiyah) Pakistan.

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    Tafseer and Quranic Science
    Hadith Science
    Comparative Studies of Religions
    International Trade Law


    Political Science
    Comparative Studies of Religions
    Hadith Science
    English Literature 
    European History
    Urdu Literature 
    Islamic History
    L.L.M (Master in Ussoole Fiqah)
    L.L.M. (Law and Shariah)
    L.L.M (International Law)
    L.L.M (International Trade Law)
    L.L.M. (Corporate Law)
    M.Sc. Economics
    M.Sc. Economics & Finance

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Education in the Jamia has different stages, as follows: 

    Tahfeez ul Quran. 
    lbtadaaiyah (Primary) for 5 years. 
    Mutawassitah (Middle) for 3 years. 
    Thaanawiyyah Aammah (Secondary) for 2 years. 
    Thaanawiyyah Khaassah (Higher Secondary) for 2 years.
    Aaliyah (Bachelor Level) for 2 years. 
    Aalimiyyah (Masters Level) for 2 years. 
    Takhassusaat (Specialization in various fields) for 2 years. 
    Ma'had (a separate system of Islamic studies in Arabic language) for 6 years.

          5 large size rooms for offices of teaching and non-teaching staff along with all the facilities.
          60 large size class rooms with all the facilities.

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Unlike other religions the most prominent heritage of the Muslim world is the learning of their Holy Book 'Quraan'. Muslim children learn Quraan with great enthusiasm, and are known as Hafiz Quraan.

For this purpose the construction of a building (Darul Quraan) has become very important. Therefore to meet this requirement we need the following buildings.

For the time being we are constructing a building with 100 rooms, according to the given below plan, to provide teaching and accommodation facilities to the students.

We request you to pray Allah Almighty for its early completion and for those people who have participated in the project.

First Floor Plan of Darul Quraan

Front Elevation of Darul Quraan

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The need of science in related with tradition i.e. Hadeeth (Ilme-Hadeeth) holds great importance in Islamic knowledge. Pakistan is the only country, where the efforts to impart ilme- Hadeeth are still being made. And these efforts should continue to preserve this knowledge for the entire world. In view of this need, Farooqia wants to construct a big hall as Darul-Hadeeth, to impart the teachings of prophet (SallAllahu alaihi wasallam). The size of the hall is given below.

    One large hall of 50 X 100 ft. with all the facilities

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The Muslims all over the world keep in touch with ulema for inquiring about religious problems. And through this guidance they strive to spend their lives according to Shariah. And this right of Muslims to spend their lives according to their religion is accepted internationally and also a part of international charter. Darul Ifta of the entire Islamic world work for these purposes and the Muslim jurists fulfill the responsibility of religious guidance. Making this sacred management a part of our plan we need these following buildings for Darul Iftaa.

    4 large size rooms for Darul Iftaa with all the facilities.
    10 rooms for specialization classes in Islamic learning with all the facilities.
    5 large size rooms for meeting and consultations with all the facilities.

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In the passing era, worldly education is playing a pivotal role in the worldly progress of any country. Similarly Pakistan also badly needs highly qualified people for its economic and industrial growth. Our new generation depends on us for its future growth; therefore we are to take some solid and serious steps to quench their future thirst. In view of the future requirement of our young generation, Farooqia has resolved to establish Farooqia Model Secondary School.

For this we need to construct the following buildings.

    Class rooms for 1000 students.
    Laboratories for Science students.
    All the necessities and facilities, e.g. toilets, water cooler etc.
    5 rooms for offices of teaching and non-teaching staff with all the facilities.

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In today's society the training of girls bears an important position. These are the tomorrow's mothers, and their training would shape a better society. Keeping up this Farooqia has made model school for girls a part of its program at secondary level. For which we need the following buildings.

    Class rooms for 2000 female students with all facilities.
    10 large size rooms for offices with all facilities.
    (Girl school should be located near family quarters and carefully designed to observe "purdah".)

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In the current modern era, computers have secured an overwhelming position in almost every field of life and it won't be unjustified to mention that computers and development process are inseparable and closely related to each other. Ignoring or giving less attention to computer education in today's modern world would mean taking the nation backward and plunging it into the darkness of ignorance and illiteracy.

Therefore to equip the upcoming generation with all the modern tools of education and their future enlightenment, Farooqia has made the establishment of Farooqia Computer Institute an essential part of its agenda where higher computer education would be imparted to seekers.

For this we need to construct the following buildings.

    20 rooms for computer lab for 500 students.
    5 rooms for teaching and non-teaching staff with all the facilities.

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Books and knowledge can never be parted from each other, and they should not be considered two different things. No matter how much the society has progressed, the importance of books and libraries is never going to decay. A good and well-equipped library has always been a dream and an eternal need of an Alim and a research scholar. But unfortunately the deteriorating interest shown by the people towards libraries and venerating books has resulted in the libraries become extinct and insipid in our city. Farooqia has firmly decided to patch up this deficiency. So for this purpose we need to construct the following buildings. 

    Spacious building for 500,000 books.
    10 reference rooms for research scholars with all the facilities.
    5 store rooms.
    One office for Chief Librarian.
    Photostat shop.

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As we can see in the current era that very less number of people seem interested in the acquisition of Islamic education. Therefore there has been a dire need to form a committee of such dedicated, pious and devoted people who can make the welfare Services, rendered by Farooqia, easily available to all the people and propagate the message of Islam. To achieve the very purpose, Farooqia has initiated the training programme for some technical people belonging to different fields of life and the need of the establishment of Farooqia technical college has been much stressed for acquiring the same goal.

For this we need to construct the following buildings.

    Class rooms for 500 students
    Laboratories for 500 students 
    5 rooms for teaching and non-teaching staff with all the facilities.

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Tibb-e-Unani is highly associated and deeply rooted with Persian and Arabic knowledge and their scheme of things and many renowned physicians of the past came to be known as Ulemai Islam. Taking the same past reality of Tibb-e-Unani into consideration, Farooqia has stressed the need of establishing a Unani Tibbi College. Hakim Muhammad Saeed can be considered as a good instance in this connection.

For this we need to construct the following buildings.

    Class rooms for 500 students of 4 years course.
    Laboratories for 500 students.
    5 rooms for teaching and non-teaching staff with all the facilities.

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To train a teacher is to help shape the right world. Good teachers represent a good society and vice versa. Without good and effective teachers, thinking of making a good society is just a futile work and will bear no fruit. Here we need to ponder over some important questions like how the teachers can become good and effective teachers and how well and meaningfully they can perform their concerned responsibilities. These are some very essential aspects for which teacher-training programmes are being organized all over the world. Realizing the same need, Farooqia has also made the teacher- training programme an essential part of its agenda. So for this purpose we need to construct the following buildings. 

    10 large size rooms for teacher's training 
    One mini library.
    5 rooms for teaching and non-teaching staff with all the facilities.

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There has always been a need of editing and presenting the available knowledge according to the requirements of the contemporary period which causes the new and fresh composition to become available for readers almost everyday. There is a need of making foreign literature available to our indigenous readers within the boundaries of our religion and culture. The faculty of Composition and compilation of Farooqia was set up to satisfy the needs mentioned above.

For this purpose, we need,

    10 large size rooms.
    One mini library.
    One meeting/Council room.
    One store room.
    All the necessities and facilities e.g. toilets, water cooler etc.

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Arabic language enjoys a distinctively important position in the world. This fact can be known by casting a glance on the world map, which tells us how important Arabic language is, because, at present, in around twenty big countries of the world Arabic is being used as the official language. According to the Islamic point of view the importance of Arabic language with references to Quraan, Hadeeth and Fiqah speaks for itself, and being at home in Arabic language is considered to be the sole objective of the faculty of Maahadut Lughatul Arabia. In Farooqia, Karachi this faculty has rendered its services for the last nineteen years and produced such qualified teachers who have earned a good name not only in Pakistan but abroad as well which is no doubt a big credit for our country.

    10 large size class rooms for 500 students with all the facilities.
    5 rooms for offices of teaching and non-teaching staff with all the facilities.

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Magazines and other periodicals are the important part of today's modern world. And to provide true knowledge and information to people is a virtuous deed. There fore in Farooqia, magazines of highly standard are being published in Urdu, Arabic, English and Sindhi. To upgrade this faculty further more, we need the following buildings.

    10 large size rooms for editorial and administrative staff of 5 different magazines.
    One mini library.
    One meeting/ council room.
    One store room.
    All the necessities and facilities e.g. toilets, water cooler etc.

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The facility of a press has been included in Farooqia's programme to print curricular materials, magazines and question papers securely. For this we need the buildings mentioned below. 

    Spacious hall for 10 printing machines
    Spacious hall for binding and cutting system
    Large size room for film processing unit
    Large size room for plate making process

This building should be located near Magazine Section and Department of Composition and Compilation.)

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Serving the afflicted humanity bears a momentous position in Islam. The life of human's benefactor Prophet (SallAllaho alaihe wa sallam) is full of human and social services.

Keeping this in view a medical centre has rendered its services for the last many years, under the supervision of Liaqat Medical hospital, (a renowned medical hospital).

To meet with even larger medical needs, a big hospital of Farooqia is under consideration. Establishment of this hospital must be a great service for the poor inhabitants of Hub River Road and suburbs, which have remained deprived of proper medical facilities for ages. So for this purpose we need to construct the following buildings. 

    Hospital building for 500 beds.
    Operation theatre.
    X-ray Department.
    Diagnostic lab.
    5 rooms for Administrative staff.
    10 rooms for O.P.D. / Consultation Clinics of doctors
    All the necessities and facilities e.g. toilets, water cooler, parking, etc.

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Even in today's modern world, a big part of the population of our country uses the medicinal herbs for treatment, and this kind of treatment is a precious natural gift for human health. In its future plan Farooqia wants to put its share in human health services by using these herbs as medicines. And their income will be expended for public welfare. The praise worthy efforts of Hamdard Laboratories is the best example in this connection. And a separate building will be provided for this project.

    A building complete in respect for manufacturing the common Unaani Medicines

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Today the scarcity of room is a big problem faced by many educational institutions in cities. Due to this problem the villagers cannot acquire education in cities, and it has also been a reason of perturbation for city governments since long. To solve this problem such educational institutions should be established out side the city, where the facilities of education and accommodation should be provided. Along with these facilities, moral trainings should be given to students to keep them away from the bad effects of the society. That's why the facility of hostel has been considered a big part of Jamia's future plan, where accommodation and food facilities will be provided. A detailed map of this project is attached.

    Boarding rooms for 3000 students of higher Islamic education.
    Boarding rooms for 500 students of Darul Quraan.
    Boarding rooms for 500 students of Technical College.
    Boarding rooms for 500 students of Medical College.
    Boarding rooms for 1000 students of Model Secondary School.
    Offices and residences of hostel provosts for each 100 students in each hostel.
    All the necessities and facilities e.g. toilets, water cooler, kitchen, lawn, play grounds, space for hanging of washed cloths, etc.

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Education and health are almost interrelated. A healthy mind is usually found in healthy body, therefore for the betterment of students' health the facilities of sports are very essential, and through sports the trainings of discipline and friendly relations can be given. That's why these play grounds are being included in our plan to improve the sports faculties of students.

    Separate physical fitness facilities for each 500 students at 10 places.
    One gymnasium for indoor games.
    Separate arrangement for Judo and Karate training.
    Separate and covered physical fitness facilities for female students at girls school premises.

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Availability of staff close at hand increases the activity of the institute, and causes to curtail the traffic expanses of staff as well. So, the given facilities for staff are being made a part of Farooqia's programme.

    20 family quarters for grade-A staff.
    30 family quarters for grade-B staff.
    50 family quarters for grade-C staff.
    50 bachelor quarters with all facilities.

(Space for approximately 200 quarters should be demarcated to be utilized in future.)

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The visit of professors and research scholar is very necessary for the educational progress of the institute. They can give much time to the institute, while staying in the institute. So, for this purpose the following facilities will be provided.

    4 guest houses for families.
    4 guest room for bachelors with all the facilities.

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This building provides adequate space to restaurant, post office, bank, super market, petrol pump etc.

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The facilities of kitchen, Dining hall and stores must be a part of Farooqia's programme along with the facility of Hostel for students. So, we need to construct the following buildings.

    Large Kitchen to cook meals for 6000 students.
    Dining halls for 6000 students.
    Large size stores/go downs and cold storage for dry and perishable items.
    10 Quarters for kitchen staff.
    5 rooms for offices of administrative staff.

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A big kitchen is also a part of our program, so along with the necessities of kitchen a cattle farm is also essential, for the provision of meat regularly, and the persons related to the institute can fulfill their needs.

    Approximately one acre of land with barbed wire around long with separate sheds for keeping goats, cows, buffaloes, etc.

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    A central power house that can fulfill the need of whole University Complex.
    Construction of reserve under ground tank and over head tank for water supply.
    Pointing out the places for electric motors where necessary.

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    To suggest and demarcate the outlet for sewerage disposal and treating/recycling of waste for re-use wherever and as much possible.

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In view of the importance of security many gates should be constructed at different locations, in order to control the institute properly.

    Several gates including main gate of appropriate sizes at different locations.

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The facility of grave yard has also been included along with other important objectives in this magnificent project of Farooqia in order to bury the benefactors, well wishers and workers of Farooqia. And it has always been a reason of satisfaction for a Muslim to be buried, in a sacred place. So this need is being fulfilled as the facility of grave yard.

    Spaces for approximately 5000 graves including arrangements for giving bathe to dead bodies.

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In an important project routes are constructed with great care, and it has been encircled here.

    Demarcation of road and footpaths wherever required.

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The dignity and beauty of this grand project must be enhanced by providing proper parking facilities. This is why the facility of parking is being given here. 

    Separate parking lots for vehicles and motor cycles for each department.

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Trees, greenery and parks are the part and parcel of an important project. And the importance of plantation cannot be denied to make the environment healthful. That's why more and more plantation and the availability of parks and lawns is a part of our plan.

    A large nursery and plantations at different places to maintain beauty of location

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Suggestions, comments and queries are welcomed at info@farooqia.com

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